Full Hearts {Empty Arms}

I admire every mom and dad out there. You deserve to be celebrated. You are AMAZING...raising kids is no joke. It is the most selfless season and despite how you feel, you're probably doing an amazing job. But celebrating is hard for us. Many people innocently say "Happy Nearly Mother's/Father's Day" to us - and… Continue reading Full Hearts {Empty Arms}


A Letter to My Single Self

Dear Taryn It's me a.k.a. -  you. I wanted to write to you because I feel like you freak out (quietly) and you just need to chill. You WILL get married (I'm writing this from your future) -  after dating for what feels like an eternity. But don't worry, it will be worth all the… Continue reading A Letter to My Single Self

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“Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet

Recently, read this quote: "Adulting is like the equivalent of folding a fitted sheet". It made me laugh and then want to raise my hands up and shout "amen". I couldn't have made a better analogy. Right now my life feels a lot like this! Have you ever tried to fold a stupid fitted sheet (especially… Continue reading “Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet


Heart Made Whole

This weekend I had a "He restores my soul" encounter. The Father's heart towards me is one of an unashamed, unreserved and unrestrained love. What I experienced this weekend was the very thing I've been longing for (and in some moments I complained about it #transparency). I have been feeling so insecure, so weary in… Continue reading Heart Made Whole


Worth It

I was going through some old documents on my laptop this evening. I found this piece I wrote in January 2011. I remember feeling like I wasn't worthy of love or a relationship with God. I obviously know this is a lie but at the moment I wrote this, my feelings felt so real. I… Continue reading Worth It


Words of Truth – My Favourite Quotes

A few quotes which I have enjoyed and that can be quite thought provoking:  1. Thoughts are powerful. The greatest battle I face is the one between my ears in my mind. Until I choose to change the way I think, I will not change the way I feel, act and speak. I have been… Continue reading Words of Truth – My Favourite Quotes


This Is Not Final

I sat on a plane on my way to Johannesburg in January of this year. Part of me was so excited to go see my family and work at the school. The other part of me knew I was going to miss my husband terribly. Some where in between these two feelings was an unrest… Continue reading This Is Not Final