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Truth Be Told ~ 4 Years On

It's the day that has been waited for. The scene is set with ambient music and the gentle whispers of loved ones. The announcement is made that the bride is on her way. You can feel the anticipation rising. As she makes her way to her beloved, the tears of joy flow. They take each… Continue reading Truth Be Told ~ 4 Years On

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What Has Lemonade Got To Do With It

It's been a while! But I'm Happy New Year to you all. May it be the year that you CHOSE to see all that you go through and experience as a learning experience, a winning moment BUT never as a loss. So a quick update: 2017 - It was the year that life threw… Continue reading What Has Lemonade Got To Do With It


With This Ring {Our Engagement Story}

Two years ago today, I was in a car on my way to see Jeremy and his family in Durban. I didn't know the when or where of the get together. I just knew I was going to get to see my Jeremy.I knew from the first time I visited Jeremy, that he would one… Continue reading With This Ring {Our Engagement Story}