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“Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet

Recently, read this quote: "Adulting is like the equivalent of folding a fitted sheet". It made me laugh and then want to raise my hands up and shout "amen". I couldn't have made a better analogy. Right now my life feels a lot like this! Have you ever tried to fold a stupid fitted sheet (especially… Continue reading “Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet


With This Ring {Our Engagement Story}

Two years ago today, I was in a car on my way to see Jeremy and his family in Durban. I didn't know the when or where of the get together. I just knew I was going to get to see my Jeremy.I knew from the first time I visited Jeremy, that he would one… Continue reading With This Ring {Our Engagement Story}


My Bohemian Prince

It is going to be Jeremy's birthday next week (9 June). So I have decided to let you all get to know a little bit about this wonderful man of mine by sharing a bit about him. When we first started talking and Jeremy invited me to visit him and his family in Port Elizabeth, he… Continue reading My Bohemian Prince


Would The Real Me Please Stand Up – Part 1

In this blog I will be sharing part of my story on meeting the real me. In the next blog I will be sharing a bit more about how I learned to love myself and see my worth.  I used to be so afraid that I hadn't lived up to the expectations of others. Their… Continue reading Would The Real Me Please Stand Up – Part 1


´╗┐Worth It

I was going through some old documents on my laptop this evening. I found this piece I wrote in January 2011. I remember feeling like I wasn't worthy of love or a relationship with God. I obviously know this is a lie but at the moment I wrote this, my feelings felt so real. I… Continue reading ´╗┐Worth It


Truth Be Told – 1 Year On

Well, it has been one year (and one week to be exact) since Jeremy and I stood at the altar and took our vows. The weeks and months have flown by. This time last year we were enjoying our honeymoon in Mauritius. Even though we had spent six years dating, we were still strangers to… Continue reading Truth Be Told – 1 Year On


Sassy, Single and Satisfied

This post is to all of you who are single. Single meaning those of you NOT married. Up to the point you say "I do", things can change (they should not change after 'I do'). So if you are waiting or dating right now...this post is to you.    I was criticized, shamed, humiliated and… Continue reading Sassy, Single and Satisfied