Life lessons

Sink Or Swim In The Swells

True peace is not found in the absence of difficulty. True peace is found in the journey of total surrender. How I wish that this journey was easier than it is. I consider myself a person who likes structure and in a way control. I like to ponder, plan and execute tasks with excellence. I… Continue reading Sink Or Swim In The Swells


Just One of Those Days

Today was not one of those jolly, sunshine days. Oh, my face was smiling, my heart was not. Over the course of the last few years, I have learnt to deal with the issues that are thrown into situations in life by being real. I long ago abandoned trying to do the whole "fake it… Continue reading Just One of Those Days


Hanging On or Holding On

Have you ever found yourself "hanging on" by that last thread? It seems as though all has come up against you and there is no way out. Sometimes we allow the pressure and "weight of the world" to rest on our shoulders. We allow worry, fear, anxiety, a distracted mind and stress to cause a… Continue reading Hanging On or Holding On


Start Your Week Right

   As you enter into a new week, walk in with the boldness knowing God backs His Word. You don't have to do it - but you have to believe in your heart that what you say will come to pass. Then speak it! The mountain has to move - not you move around the… Continue reading Start Your Week Right


This Is Not Final

I sat on a plane on my way to Johannesburg in January of this year. Part of me was so excited to go see my family and work at the school. The other part of me knew I was going to miss my husband terribly. Some where in between these two feelings was an unrest… Continue reading This Is Not Final


It’s All in the Timing

   Don't rush. Don't panic. Don't be in a hurry. God brings things into their fullness at the right time - His perfect timing in your life. Don't settle for less by trying to manufacture something or forcing it to 'work out' - it won't be as beautiful and as fulfilling as if you had… Continue reading It’s All in the Timing


┬áThe Real LOVE Encounter

 It's been 7 weeks since I got married. I love my life and all that comes with it. I was under the illusion that the biggest change in my life would be my marriage. (Insert laugh here). You know...the big changes would be I have to learn to live in close quarters with someone, communicate… Continue reading ┬áThe Real LOVE Encounter