“Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet

Recently, read this quote: "Adulting is like the equivalent of folding a fitted sheet". It made me laugh and then want to raise my hands up and shout "amen". I couldn't have made a better analogy. Right now my life feels a lot like this! Have you ever tried to fold a stupid fitted sheet (especially … Continue reading “Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet

Say Goodbye to Fear ~ Live Life Boldly Today

  You do not need to live a life filled with worry, concern, anxiety, panic, depression and fear!! One of the many benefits of being saved is that you have freedom from fear.  Fear begins with a thought. God didn't leave you to "face" your fears alone. He gave you His Word. It is as … Continue reading Say Goodbye to Fear ~ Live Life Boldly Today