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“Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet

Recently, read this quote: "Adulting is like the equivalent of folding a fitted sheet". It made me laugh and then want to raise my hands up and shout "amen". I couldn't have made a better analogy. Right now my life feels a lot like this! Have you ever tried to fold a stupid fitted sheet (especially… Continue reading “Adulting” – Like Folding a Fitted Sheet


Sibling Love – Part 2 {My Favorite Sister}

Natalie is the reason I have a blog! My first post was about her, so clearly she is my favourite sister😜. Natalie and I are 6 years apart. We shared a room but have never been the "huggy" and all over each other type of sisters. In fact if we perhaps happen to buy the… Continue reading Sibling Love – Part 2 {My Favorite Sister}


Sibling Love – Part 1

I am blessed to have three amazing siblings. I am so glad my parents decided that raising me to be an only child wasn't the plan. Although I mean, some of the benefits of being an only child occasionally crossed my mind, especially since I am the eldest!😜 But nothing beats the organized chaos of… Continue reading Sibling Love – Part 1


A Daughter’s Hero

Today the world turns its attention onto fathers. Any man can physically father a child but it takes courage to be present and raise that child. Today we celebrate the men who have taken up the responsibility to be a present father in a child's life - whether they are biologically yours or not, to… Continue reading A Daughter’s Hero


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year πŸŽ„

  Christmas has always been a special family time. I can count on my two hands exactly the number of times we were not at home celebrating Christmas. If you ask any of my siblings, they will all say that each time we were away for Christmas, it just wasn't the same. It lacked that… Continue reading It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year πŸŽ„