What Has Lemonade Got To Do With It

It’s been a while! But I’m back…so Happy New Year to you all. May it be the year that you CHOSE to see all that you go through and experience as a learning experience, a winning moment BUT never as a loss.

So a quick update: 2017 – It was the year that life threw lemons at me…COLOSSAL lemons. Most people say, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade”. Well I did NOT make lemonade. It was like I had lost the recipe to make the lemonade! In fact it was more like these lemons were too heavy and massive for me to even attempt to pick up. I tried and tried and tried and kept trying to be okay and stay positive. There was just a point that I gave up. Literally. I got lost in the mess of it all. I sank and wasn’t really bothered about fighting to stay afloat.

One day I was talking to my mentor (Truthfully I was crying my heart, eyes and all the water in my body out) and she simply said, “Stop. Wipe your tears. Get off your floor and go put on some make up. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. The circumstance is bad. It does hurt BUT you decide whether to use this as a crutch or as a catapult”. Talk about a reality check and perspective overhauling moment.

2017 was just rough. But the TRUTH is, I made it and if you went through hell and back like I did and you’re still standing (sitting or even crawling), good news is YOU MADE IT, too! So congratulations on making it through 2017 – The Year of Lessons! I hope you choose to not carry over the frustrations, hurt, disappointments, challenges or crutches from last year. I hope you choose to let the lessons of 2017 be the catapult in your life. I hope you choose to let the negative go – letting the lessons and the positive moments push you to be a better you. A better you now knows better and because you know better you can do better!

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I do set goals though. I have learned over the years to make sure my goals are practical and applicable to where I am and what I am aiming for in this season of my life. Disappointment and discouragement come when we set ourselves up for it and want to “keep up with appearances”. When goal setting – it is important to be realistic. So here are a few of mine for the year:

  • Get physically healthy: I have committed to an “all out” 50min of exercise two to three times a week. (I even park and walk a little further when at the Mall). I make sure I have a water bottle with me and actually drink the water. 1L is what I am aiming for at the moment and will increase it as I go along.
  • We have changed the way we eat at home – that is a whole blog on its own.
  • Making a conscious effort to invest in my marriage. For those who are married, we all know how easy it is to “disconnect”. If my hubby is up for it, maybe we will do a blog together to share some of the things we are doing. (I’m sure you’d all like to hear from him.)
  • Read a few books that I have chosen. These include:
  1. A novel – for the fun of it
  2. A book that pushes me to grow spiritually
  3. A book that will help me in relationships & people skills
  4. A book that is in line with my passion
  5. A book that will challenge my thinking – still haven’t found this one yet. So if you have a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment.
  • Do something out of my comfort zone. In December I decided to go zip lining through Tsitsikamma. It was a great experience, especially since I have a fear of heights. This experience was so positive that I decided I would tackle something different this year: an advanced driving course. I was in an accident last year and since then I have found myself being quite nervous and over cautious when driving. Hopefully I can film some of the course and share it with you.
  • Go after a passion/dream that I was too afraid to pursue or had given up on: so I am going to explore the book writing scene and want to get my own website up and on the go.

These are just a few. It is so important to invest in yourself. It is important to challenge yourself to be better, know better, speak and see better. Who and what you become while achieving your goals is more important that what you get while achieving them.

Remember perspective in life is pretty much everything. Your perspective can be/become a prison of doubt, fear, despair, discouragement and disappointment :

  • You can choose to be stressed, always taking things personally, picking up the issues, always seeing a situation as a problem and quite frankly being a drain.

Or you can choose to let your perspective be/become your passport to joy, peace, greatness and success:

  • You can choose to forgive, to be a solution or find solutions, to let issues go that are baggage, to be at peace in your mind/emotions, to inspire and to grow yourself and others.

I choose to believe that one of God’s greatest gifts to me is the joy of trying again – for failure never to be final and the end. 2017 was NOT my ending. I choose for it to be the biggest launching pad in my life. I am grateful for each new day. A fresh start! Remember it might be a new year but it is still filled with new days which each have 24 hours.

Be bold. Be Brave. Be unashamedly YOU!

From my heart to yours

Truly Tazz

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