Sibling Love – Part 2 {My Favorite Sister}

Natalie is the reason I have a blog! My first post was about her, so clearly she is my favourite sister😜.

My first blog post on Truly Tazz – 2014

Natalie and I are 6 years apart. We shared a room but have never been the “huggy” and all over each other type of sisters. In fact if we perhaps happen to buy the same thing, we would make sure we NEVER wear it at the same time (and we are still like that). Thank goodness our taste in clothes differs. We like to call this a “healthy respect”.

Natalie and I were not as close as we are now, when we were growing up. Natalie is a lot more lively and outgoing than I am and enjoyed hanging out with Gareth. They are two peas in a pod. She has always been the type of person to get exactly what she wants – and this drive in her has made her into a wonderfully successful young adult. She is a no nonsense type of person and we call her the “lawyer” in the family. She is a master negotiator.

Here are some quick and fun facts about her:

  1. She was the first to leave home – as in leave South Africa all together.
  2. She lives in Dubai and works for the airline Emirates. She travels the world for a living while serving people (each job has a down side😝). AND she recently got a promotion (Congrats Natalie 😘)
  3. Natalie HATES incompetence (so do the rest of us).
  4. She has this fascination with pandas (as in the fluffy black and white bear-type animal).
  5. Despite being a “tom-boy” growing up – she is way girlier than I am and is more modern in her fashion etc.
  6. She can get anyone to listen to her (I’m not sure if it’s because of her persuasion skills or charming personality😜)
  7. She can get my dad to do what the rest of us in the family term “impossible” – see point 6!
  8. Don’t be fooled by her pretty looks, she will sort you out if necessary. I have seen her wrestle my brothers and tell people off.
  9. She can cry on cue (ask any of my dad’s staff who have tested this when she was younger – they all got into trouble).
  10. Due to all her travels she has this Australian/European/American mixed accent.

Now for some special memories and things I love about her:

Natalie in her full Emirates uniform .

Natalie really wanted to go into physiotherapy after school. However, university wasn’t where she ended up. After her applications were unsuccessful, she began to research working overseas. She decided to leave home, her first time out of the country and away from home, and move to Dubai. It was a grueling process to be selected and join Emirates and an even tougher training period. She was determined to get her wings. She has now been in Dubai for two years. She was fearless and brave (although at times she didn’t feel like it) when it came to stepping out into the unknown and pursuing her dream. She has seen more of the world in two years than most people will in their lifetime. And I am proud to say she recently received a promotion to work in Business Class – so proud of her🎉.

Nati & I at my wedding. 21 February 2015

Natalie was my maid of honor at my wedding. However due to her working overseas, she was not able to be around for all the important parts such as the dress fitting and my bridal shower. However, she made sure to keep in contact and bought me the most beautiful gifts for my bridal shower which she gave to me just before my wedding. She always manages to keep in touch even though her schedule is crazy and she is in at least 2 different countries a week.

At our sister photoshoot – 2013

One of my favorite times with her was when we did a photo shoot just before she left for Dubai. Suddenly we stood there and realized – yes we were sisters but we had become friends. We enjoyed so many late night talks and laughter as we had both matured. We still talk about everything. But only when we “need” to. I love how our relationship let’s us be ourselves. She will text me with some question and I know – she secretly needs my help or just someone to talk to. And I do the same. Sometimes we don’t talk “face to face” for six weeks and then we will Skype and talk for 2 hours.

At my Grade 2 Awards Evening –

A real special moment for me was when Natalie said she had wanted to be like me. And I was totally shocked! I’ve always been the bossy big sister (which just means I cared a lot) – no one likes to be told what to do. But as we spoke, we both admired each other’s strengths. We both had insecurities and yet what seemed so bad to the one was what the other admired. For example, I always wanted to be thinner and sportier and overall bolder like Natalie. We quietly admired each other. Now we will tell each other upfront. And now that she travels the world – I so want to be like her!! I get a little bit jealous when I see her pictures.

When Natalie visited me in February this year – 2016

Natalie has always been my role model when it comes to someone being perseverant. She doesn’t give up! She sets her sights on a goal and pursues it passionately.

I miss my sister so much. It’s odd to think, that I have only seen and spent time with her twice in 12 months. We might not have a “Brady Bunch” type of relationship, but I know if I ever needed her, she is there – the same goes for if she needs me. I love how we can now have heart to heart chats about the things we are going through.

❤️ Taryn

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