Sibling Love – Part 1

I am blessed to have three amazing siblings. I am so glad my parents decided that raising me to be an only child wasn’t the plan. Although I mean, some of the benefits of being an only child occasionally crossed my mind, especially since I am the eldest!😜 But nothing beats the organized chaos of siblings. The belly aching laughter and endless hours of fun made for an awesome childhood for all of us.

Since there are four of us, my parents had their hands full. Even now, with all of us (well nearly all of us – Nathan is nearly at the 20 year mark) being adults when we are all home, there is an abundance of laughter and wrestling that takes place. My sister and I are both out of the house. My brothers are still at home. We are all pretty close in our own ways, although I’m sure my three younger siblings were supposed to be born as triplets. They have some pretty special “insider” communication skills which I don’t possess. They can speak an entire conversation only using movie lines and I’m pretty much a lost cause in this area.

In chronological order, it’s me, then Gareth, then Natalie and the tallest of the lot – Nathan. If we were to go in height order, I would be last.

So first up is my brother Gareth…

Gareth and I after church – 2014

He is three years younger than me and we are TOTAL opposites. I was pretty calm and quiet and then Gareth made his appearance and is so full of life and energy. I am very serious and Gareth has the best sense of humor. I am into books and enjoy studying…Gareth on the other hand is excellent at all things creative. I mean, I might have one good idea in 365 days, but Gareth can have 365 good ideas in one day.

He is my special sibling because he was the first to make me a sister (so don’t thing I’m using the word ‘special’ in any sarcastic way). He is a beautiful person. He is caring and so deep…there is nothing shallow about him. He has this warm personality but don’t try your luck when it comes to people he cares about. He is a great lover of people and situations being fair and isn’t afraid to speak up if he feels it isn’t so. He is passionate about what he loves and has the awesome ability to speak and connect with any one, no matter their age, race or standing in life. Gareth is very affectionate and enjoys letting everyone in the family know – he is the best gift giver – from thoughtful to humorous gifts. We might not speak as often as we can or should, but when we do, I am normally falling off my chair with laughter or tearing up because of his thoughtfulness. Gareth is one of those people who once he has a place in your heart and you in his, it’s going to be one awesome and adventurous friendship/relationship.

Here are some things that I love about him:

As far back as I can remember, Gareth has always loved to be daring and try new things. His ability to use his imagination and come up with things made for a rather awesome play time from building with Lego to building a tree house. I loved how he had the ability to do things differently and without fear. As young kids, I often remember him saying. “Come on Taryn, let’s do this”. Being the oldest child, I was always looking out for what might go wrong and took it very seriously that he was “my responsibility”. Yet Gareth would always wanted me to do the daring things with him and if he had not encouraged me to try, I probably would never have done it.

Our grandparents (my mom’s parents) with Gareth (red shirt), myself and my cousin Ryan. 1991

Gareth has this sense of humor which will leave you crying because you have laughed so much. Although while growing up, we didn’t see eye to eye, especially in our teen years. he has this way of cracking a joke that it is hard to stay upset with him. He often teases us (I often got upset – yet it’s what I miss most about him). My parents would put us in what would be known as “time-out” nowadays if we fought with each other as kids. I would be sitting still to avoid getting a hiding (a good ol’ hiding did us good as kids). But Gareth, he was still for long and eventually the boredom would get to him and he would start drumming or doing something. We would end up laughing and best of friends within a few minutes. This was the same for all of us.

Sunset selfie – 2014

Gareth is a great encourager. He can easily motivate someone to do something…obviously he has learnt to use this in a balanced way. People are drawn to his warm personality and he has the ability to connect with them. Because he is such a genuine person, it is easy for him to look past the superficial and see the real person. Gareth runs his own drumming school and he has so many students whose lives have changed as he has encouraged them in their drumming and this has run over into the other things they do. Because Gareth has faced much criticism, especially growing up, he knows what it is to feel pushed aside and so he makes everyone he meets feel special and like they can be the best.

Making my dad into our horse.

Gareth is not the type of guy to be put in a box or within four walls. He would go crazy. This meant school and the traditional way of finding out what to do in life was a challenge for Gareth. The sad thing is, those who were supposed to support him and my parents is this phase, were anything but that. Many people doubted if he would find his place. They often criticized him and my parents. People often misunderstand his creative way of thinking – and believe me if only people would action on his ideas, there is such greatness in them. This created some tensions as he grew up. It wasn’t always easy for him BUT he is such a go-getter. Once he found his place, he ran with it. He is an accomplished drummer and now runs his own drumming school. He is also a graphic designer and has designed for well-known DJs overseas. He helped me put together the invites and wedding day programs for the my wedding. He is so talented and extremely creative. I am proud of him for sticking it out, discovering what he loves to do and pursuing it passionately. He has a wonderful testimony and I am looking forward to seeing the amazing things he is going to do in life.

Gareth’s drumming school.

Gareth is so humble and giving. Although people take advantage of this, it hasn’t turned this part of him off. He continues to be selfless in the way he treats people, always going the extra mile. He doesn’t seek recognition, but like all of us, he loves encouragement. I have known Gareth to sow into people’s’ lives with whatever he can, whether it be a gift or his time.

With my brothers, Gareth (left) and Nathan (right) – January 2016.

One of the things that I admire most about Gareth is his ability to speak and stand up for what is right. Even though there might be opposition to it, he isn’t afraid to say something. He is a great protector and hates being treated or others being treated unfairly. I’m not saying he is perfect (no one is) – but he knows how to be on the side that is right, not the side that is popular. If Gareth is wrong, he will say so – just don’t rub it in his face or harp on the issue, you will be asking for trouble.

Celebrating Gareth’s 21st birthday.

Gareth is bold, passionate and an awesome example of someone who hasn’t given up! He is an inspiration to me when I feel like giving up – I look to him and am reminded that failing isn’t the end, if you get up, it can be a step to reaching the goal and a powerful moment to learn. My family would not be the same without him – it would be quite boring (sorry to the rest of my family) without him. I am so grateful that God decided Gareth would be the one to be my first sibling and make me a sister. I love him and miss him so much!

One down and four blogs left to go. I got to do one for each family member, else they will think I’m showing favouritism – and that doesn’t go down well amongst us!

❤️ Taryn (the eldest)


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