My Bohemian Prince

It is going to be Jeremy’s birthday next week (9 June). So I have decided to let you all get to know a little bit about this wonderful man of mine by sharing a bit about him. When we first started talking and Jeremy invited me to visit him and his family in Port Elizabeth, he used the phrase, bohemian prince with olive skin and green eyes. The phrase stuck and now I tell people I married royalty! So here goes…

10 Things For My Husband To Be

Before I met Jeremy, I asked God for 10 things that I wanted in my husband…

  1. A passion and a heart for God and the things of God; a call of God on his life
  2. Is a son in the ministry – serving and doing what God has called him to do
  3. A leader – will provide spiritual leadership for me and our family
  4. Financially stable and has wisdom in the area of finances; a tither and giver
  5. Will support me in my call of full-time call of God on my life to ministry
  6. Has a good relationship with his family and mine
  7. Loves kids and wants to have a big family
  8. Knows how to have fun
  9. Will make me laugh and not cry
  10. Will love me unconditionally for who I am

Jeremy is everything I asked God for and then some. He is a true treasure in my life.

10 Things I Love About Jeremy

I once wrote him a letter listing 101 reasons why I love him. I’m pretty sure after 9 years together of which we have been married for 16 months, I can now list at least 365 things, but for the sake of keeping it short, I will only give you my top 10.

  1.  I love his sense of humour. He has this sparkle in his eye when he is joking and being mischievous.
  2. I love his optimism. Jeremy will find the good and positive in any situation and person.
  3. I love that he is hard-working. He is not a slacker. He will be up early in the morning, late at night, first one there and last one to leave, just to make sure things get done and done properly.
  4. I love his laugh, smile and charm.
  5. I love that he is good listener. And he is awesome at it as a husband, because even when he has no clue what I am going on about, he still makes me feel heard.
  6. I love that Jeremy has the ability to think, dream and plan BIG. And then what he pursues and does, he does excellently and with passion.
  7. I love him for being consistent. No matter what the situation is, whether good or bad, Jeremy has always been there for me and us.
  8. I love Jeremy’s love for his family and mine, as well as for our close friends.
  9.  I love that he is a faithful, dependable and honourable man.
  10. I love that Jeremy is my best friend and loves me for me.

10 Fun Facts About Jeremy

  1. Jeremy likes anything he drives to be clean. If you want to see my hubby annoyed, dirty his car or let him have to use a dirty car. When I first met Jeremy, his car used to be washed on a daily basis. I thought he was a bit O.C.D. but now it’s rubbing off onto me.
  2. Jeremy enjoys playing paint ball. He used to play professionally. Ask anyone who has played with him, he will light you up like a Christmas tree, regardless of who you are.
  3. Jeremy’s favourite drink is Lipton Green Ice Tea. He also enjoys a good cappuccino now that he has married me. He never drank coffee before we got married.
  4. Jeremy loves watches (especially big ones) and has expensive taste in them.
  5. Jeremy loves to try new things, whether it be food or activities. He has a very adventurous side to him
  6. Jeremy loves to swim, especially in the sea. Any future holiday of ours will definitely be beach orientated.
  7. Jeremy used to work as a television presenter. He was really good at it.
  8. Jeremy has a keen ear for music and sound. Jeremy plays drums, guitar/bass, a bit of piano and he can sing (and he is good-looking – how blessed am I). He would love to play the saxophone – and will probably master it easily.
  9. Jeremy loves to joke around and has a great sense of humor.
  10. Jeremy enjoys watching YouTube videos when he wants to relax and unwind (especially those FAIL videos and anything to do with cars/motorbikes).

Jeremy is an amazing man and I am so proud of who is! As you can tell, I’m head-over-heels in love with him and always will be.

Hope you all enjoyed getting to know a little bit about this awesome guy.

Keep living life bodly!


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