Worth It

I was going through some old documents on my laptop this evening. I found this piece I wrote in January 2011. I remember feeling like I wasn’t worthy of love or a relationship with God. I obviously know this is a lie but at the moment I wrote this, my feelings felt so real. I was praying and speaking to God when He ministered this to me…

Worth It

My life was given for You

Yes for you

Not for the colour of your skin

Not for the family you were born in

Not for the things you possess

Not because you would or wouldn’t love me

Not for my own …

No, my life was given because I saw you – I saw your worth

I saw your destiny

I saw your need

I saw your pain and shame

And I took it all upon my self

Because you were worth it

It wasn’t easy but YOU were worth it.

God’s love is unconditional. His love is intentional. His love is greater than any past that you or I have. His love brings us to a place of restoration.

Don’t ever think you are worthless. God sees you as valuable and precious. 

God loves YOU!

From my heart to yours



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