Words of Truth – My Favourite Quotes

A few quotes which I have enjoyed and that can be quite thought provoking:

 1. Thoughts are powerful. The greatest battle I face is the one between my ears in my mind. Until I choose to change the way I think, I will not change the way I feel, act and speak. I have been challenged to renew my mind. This quote is so true – because what I think will determine how I feel. Those feelings are like glasses – they either distort or enhance, in a negative or positive way, how I perceive and see things.

  2. Well…the picture below says it all! Someone once said something that I will remember for a long time…”You’re not sorry because you realize it was wrong. You’re just sorry you got caught”.

3. Everyone wants to be recognized. Everyone wants to feel special and unique. Everyone wants to stand out in some way or for someone. It’s no use trying so hard to be different that you actually end up being exactly like everyone else. A copy! It’s easy to follow and “be different” but it takes courage to stand up and be THE difference. It takes a lot to stand up for what is right (not necessarily for what feels right but for what is right in principle) and stand alone when everyone else is going with the flow.

4. Comparison….how often has it been said, “How I wish I was so-and-so” or “How I wish I was doing that or had that”. Everyone is living life and running their own race. You don’t know what that other person has gone through to get to where they are. Don’t judge your failure or success by the “fruit” of someone’s else journey. Someone will always be better or have more or whatever the case may be. Don’t discourage yourself by comparing your journey to someone else’s. 

PS – Things don’t determine your worth as a person.


5. This quote is so true of me. I might not say a lot about an issue but it does not mean I don’t see things. Enough said!

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