Start Your Week Right

As you enter into a new week, walk in with the boldness knowing God backs His Word. You don’t have to do it – but you have to believe in your heart that what you say will come to pass. Then speak it! The mountain has to move – not you move around the mountain. So enter this week speaking the Word of God…let faith come out of your mouth:1. God is the strength of my life. 

2. As I spend time with Him I am refreshed and replenished. His joy is my strength. 

3. I will live long and strong and healthy. I walk in wholeness. There is nothing lacking, broken, missing or out of place in life.

4. I do not accept fear, doubt, anxiety, stress and worry. My mind is stable and at peace because I have have been given power, love and a sound, well balance mind, disciplined and self controlled mind.


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