It’s All in the Timing

Don’t rush. Don’t panic. Don’t be in a hurry. God brings things into their fullness at the right time – His perfect timing in your life. Don’t settle for less by trying to manufacture something or forcing it to ‘work out’ – it won’t be as beautiful and as fulfilling as if you had waited for God to bring it to pass.  Stop focusing on your “life calendar” and wondering why something has not come into place or happened. You might just be spending so much energy on working it out that you will miss the blessings and beautiful experiences that are in your life right now.

God knows your deepest desires. In fact, God placed them there. He also knows how to bring them to pass. Don’t pressurize yourself by trying to stay “up to date” with your friends’ lives…their accomplishments…people’s opinions of where you should be and what you should have. Focus on what God is doing in your life right now. 

God is never late. He will make everything beautiful and supersede your wildest dreams and expectations! Don’t give up. Don’t lose heart. Remember God will not go back on His Word to you. Be encouraged ~ He hasn’t forgotten about you. You will see what you are trusting Him for! 


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